Enter Exhibition Hall Competitions

Follow these simple steps to enter online for all Exhibition Hall competitions.

Entries close at 12pm, Wednesday 18th October


STEP 1 - View the 2023 Schedule of Categories & Classes

Take a look at the Schedule and make note of the code for the Classes you'd like to enter. 

There's $10 first prize and $5 second prize for all Classes... and a swag of spot prizes and vouchers up for grabs thanks to the generosity of local businesses.

View PDF of Categories & Classes

View Categories & Classes Online


STEP 2 - Create an Account

Everyone needs an account. This allows you to view all of your entries and add new entries right up until the closing date of 12pm, Wednesday 18th October. 

If you created an account in 2022, skip straight to Enter Competitions and login. 

PLEASE NOTE: Families with multiple people entering only need one account. Create a new contact/sub account during checkout for each individual so entries are registered under their own name for judging.

Create an account here


STEP 3 - Enter Competitions

Once you have an account, you can start entering! 

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